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Dina McFalls, M.S., NADD-CC

Dina McFalls, M.S., NADD-CC is currently the Director of Philadelphia Coordinated Health Care (PCHC), the Health Care Quality Unit (HCQU) serving the southeastern region of Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania’s southeastern regional HCQU supports five counties: Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia County.  This HCQU provides indirect health care support for more than 3500 people living in residential settings in the community. 

Ms. McFalls began her work in the field of intellectual disabilities in the early 1970s as a psychologist.  She has worked since then to support people living in both community residential settings and larger care facilities.  In 1988 Ms. McFalls implemented a Robert Wood Johnson Grant program initiated jointly by the Boggs Center, University Affiliated Program of New Jersey and the Family Practice Center of New Brunswick, New Jersey, which was designed to integrate people with intellectual disabilities into a large community-based medical practice.  This project was designed to promote the use of community health services for people with intellectual disabilities as well as to provide training to medial residents and collect health care utilization data. 

In 1990 Ms. McFalls began her association with Philadelphia Coordinated Health Care as the Director of Technical Assistance.    Her over riding interest was, and continues to be creating supports for people with intellectual disabilities to live their lives in their communities and use community health care resources.  As Director of PCHC since 1995, she continues to seek ways to increase access to the generic health care system as well as develop new and creative ways to support people with intellectual disabilities, their families and the agencies that provide services. 

Over the last four years Ms. McFalls has been especially interested in working to improve services and supports for people who have intellectual disabilities as well mental health challenges.  Dina has been the lead on a four year grant provided by the Pennsylvania Developmental Disabilities Council.   This work has led to the development of some very innovative strategies to support people and assist the two support systems in working together.  Most recently she has been chosen to assist the State of Pennsylvania in their work to improve services and supports for people who have dual diagnosis.

During the past year, Ms. McFalls has been working closely with the State Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) to create innovative ways for ODP and the Office of Mental Health/Substance Abuse Services to work together to support people with Intellectual Disabilities as well as Mental Health Challenges.  She was also been granted certification as a Clinical Professional by the National Association for Dual Diagnosis (NADD) in 2012.  She has published several articles in the NADD Journal, and participated in a Webinar on the use of WRAP for Everyday Lives.