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Dan Craig

Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator

Dan Craig is an advocate for those with mental health challenges and has used peer support to overcome his own challenges. He works at every level of the mental health system in Pennsylvania, from helping someone find services, or find out the information they need to best advocate for themselves, to working directly with individuals to resolve conflicts between them and their treatment teams to working with the many advisory committee’s that help to shape the mental health system. In pursuit of a greater skill base, Dan became certified as a Peer Support Specialist and an Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator. Dan is able to competently apply the principles of W.R.A.P. to help resolve any issue, and promote the use of W.R.A.P. to individuals and systems. Dan has trained numerous WRAP Facilitators through the Copeland Center and Pennsylvania Mental Health Consumers’ Association. 

In addition to his advocacy work, Dan is a writer and actor. He initially studied theatre before his own Mental Health symptoms, and the stigma that surrounded them, started to stand in my way. Dan says, “I wouldn’t change a thing… so much of what I learned in my theatre studies has informed my work in the Mental Health system… i.e. use the right tool for the right job, people rarely say exactly what they mean, sometimes silence says so much more than a verbal diatribe.”

Dan has worked for the Pennsylvania Mental Health Consumers’ Association, (PMHCA), Philhaven, and is the principal at Trinity Human Service Solutions.